Goals & Objectives

Disaster Management

Program Goals:

  • Disaster-ready health leaders who provide coordinated and competent care as members of an interprofessional health care team in preparedness, response, or recovery.
  • Workforce development and maintenance as needed for national health security.
  • Training standardization during disaster preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation to improve nationwide performance of health care professionals.

Program Objectives:

  • Foster informed, empowered health care teams and disaster-resilient communities
  • Ensure prevention or mitigation of environmental and other emerging threats to health: before, during and after disaster
  • Incorporate post-incident health recovery into planning and response
  • Foster integrated, scalable health care delivery systems
  • Provide disaster health care that is based on the best available science, evaluation and quality improvement
  • Promote interprofessional communications during disaster
  • Demonstrate situational awareness of self, team and community safety
  • Apply team dynamics via specific roles that assures safe, timely, efficient, effective and equitable delivery of disaster health care
  • Responds effectively to disaster scenarios adapting knowledge from disaster medicine and public health core competencies