National Disaster Health Course


The College of Nursing and Health (CoNH) is a leader in the field of disaster management. Participants are exposed to disaster concepts throughout the curriculum, which includes an elective devoted solely to disaster preparedness. Faculty are engaged in research studying disaster training and have received federal funding for their endeavors. The CoNH also works closely with the National Disaster Life Support Foundation to deliver core, basic and advance disaster preparation courses.

The program is a blended learning experience consisting of prerequisites, online courses and an on site immersion experience. 

Prerequisite courses:  The prerequisite courses consist of two National Incident Management (NIMS) courses and the Basic Disaster Life Support course

Online courses: The interactive online courses include a variety of topics to prepare the healthcare worker to respond in disaster examples include: Leadership and Coordination in Disaster, Hospital & Emergency Department Emergency Preparedness Vulnerable populations & Disaster Mental Health & Agent Specific Response.

On-site courses and a summative evaluation are designed to provide participants hands-on experience in a variety of disaster situations.  Activities include: Ethical and legal issues during disasters with a team based approach to solving common ethical and legal issues that can arise during a disaster,  triage and first aid approaches to disasters, specific disaster situations to include scene safety, evacuation of victims from a variety of disaster scenes, decontamination, patient movement, sheltering principles, and community assessment.  The final day is devoted to evaluation of student’s knowledge and skills in a team and individual environment.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Sherry Farra at: or 937-775-2618.