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The Nursing Institute creates nursing-driven solutions for community-identified needs. We partner with you to bring the expertise and resources of the College of Nursing and Health and its collaborators to support the needs of healthcare organizations and educational institutions.

The Nursing Institute provides customized training and educational solutions for healthcare agencies that are looking to strengthen their employees' knowledge of best practices and optimize patient outcomes. Read more about our most recent work with our customers.

View our article (page 20) in the Summer 2013 issue of Ohio Board of Nursing's Momentum (Volume 11/Issue 3).  

Let us help you make a difference in your career, your agency, and the clients you serve. 


The Nursing Institute creates shared value for the Greater Dayton Area by partnering with healthcare agencies, educational institutions, and other organizations to deliver innovative solutions that optimize the positive impact of nursing in the communities we serve.

  • Partnering for Shared Value: At The Institute’s core is its intention to engage in activities that create real and lasting value for its community partners by leveraging the considerable human and institutional resources of Wright State University into opportunities that support the effort to build a healthier community.

  • Innovative Solutions: In particular, The Institute will draw from its large cadre of faculty expertise, exceptional pool of student creativity, and far-reaching network of organizational partnerships to create effective and efficient solutions, emphasizing the areas of workforce transitions, continuing education, training, consulting, and product development.

  • Optimizing Impact in our Community: In doing so, the community will benefit from the full power of the nursing profession to play a transformative role in all aspects of health and healthcare delivery.


The Nursing Institute will become a prominent and valued catalyst for creating change that enables our partners to build healthier communities in the Greater Dayton Area.

  • Catalyst for Change: The Institute will be known as preferred partner in the Greater Dayton Area because of its effective use of convening power and application of collaborative models to stimulate the development of new solutions for advancing the health of our communities.

  • Partner Enablement: These solutions will aid our partners in solving problems, addressing needs, and enhancing desired outcomes.

  • Building Healthier Communities: The end product of this work will be a healthier community. Behind this healthy community will be high-performing health professionals and the organizations in which they serve.


Diana Lewis, Administrative Specialist

Diana maintains the office functions for The Nursing Institute. She serves on a variety of NI committees, assists with coordination of the continuing education programs, designs and writes for the Nursing Institute website, and operates the registration site for its programs.

Comfortable in her interactions with administration at high levels, she presents a positive and professional front-line for The Nursing Institute.

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In 2004, The Nursing Institute was launched to better balance regional supply for registered nurses, build interest in nursing, educate the public about the nursing shortage, graduate more nurses, and retain more nurses in the workplace. The Institute enjoyed significant success in rapidly establishing partnerships with the state and in the community. The generosity of its Sustainability Partners [Wright State University, Premier Health Partners-Miami Valley Hospital, and Sinclair Community College], ensured a strong start-up. Among the many significant accomplishments achieved during this period, the most notable is the Living Laboratory which was donated by a new Sustainability Partner, Graceworks Lutheran Services, in 2009. Through dozens of research projects and consultations with a multitude of local business and education organizations, the brand value of The Nursing Institute has been established and is widely recognized throughout the Greater Dayton Area.

In the Fall of 2012, the Wright State University–Miami Valley College of Nursing and Health, the parent organization to The Nursing Institute, came under the leadership of Dr. Rosalie Mainous, who set into motion a plan to “Re-vision and Re-launch” The Nursing Institute.