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Statistical Support & Consultation

The College of Nursing and Health and the Center for Nursing Research are in agreement that support will be offered for faculty and doctoral students regarding their statistical consultation needs.

That being said, this support in no way exonerates or removes the responsibility of the student/faculty to engage in some of this work themselves.


  1. Doctoral students first explore such statistical support/consultation matters with their Doctoral Project Supervisor.
  2. Each individual faculty member needs to develop a proposed statistical plan.
  3. Students and faculty should then inform the Center for Nursing Research office that she/he/they are in need of statistical consultation; and then this office will arrange meetings with the statistical consultants we have agreements with.
  4. Faculty and students would be required to bring their preliminary ideas/work on statistics - and a plan for how to move the matter forward will be agreed. Including how much time the consultant is likely to spend on the project; timelines, cost etc.
  5. The Center for Nursing Research office will be responsible for meeting the financial costs of this consultation.
  6. Should the faculty or student proceed without the involvement of the Center for Nursing Research office or not follow this procedure (as is their choice), then the office will NOT be responsible for any such costs.