The Wright Nurse Project

the wright nurse project logoThe Wright Nurse Project (WNP) is a multi-year strategic initiative in the College of Nursing and Health.

WNP Vision

To create a stimulating learning environment which produces the most sought after nurses in Ohio. We will do this by:

  1. partnering with the communities we serve to prepare graduates who thrive as leaders of care in a context of rapid change;
  2. creating an innovative student-centered experience; and
  3. facilitating a teaching and learning environment  characterized by best practices

To accomplish this vision, we will strive to transform our educational approach through these shaping principles…

Evidence-driven Pedagogy

We will commit to basing all teaching and learning activities on best practices in education. Very similar to evidence-based approaches in healthcare, best practices will be identified according to research, faculty experience, and student-centric factors.

Community-informed and -supported Outcomes

We will call on local organizations that employ our graduates to commit to maintaining a meaningful presence of expert practitioners in our curriculum development processes. Working with the expert educators at the CONH, these community-based practitioners will help to establish the outcomes that are used to shape our student’s educational experience. In exchange for this level of influence and input, local organizations will be challenged to actively support the educational requirements needed for achieving the mutually identified outcomes.

Competency-based Evaluation

We will primarily assess and progress students according to their demonstrated competency. While “paper and pencil” style testing remains important, methods of assessment with far higher levels of fidelity (real or simulated) to the clinical environment that students are expected to perform in are available. Such methods provide a better indication of a student’s readiness to progress as opposed to paper and pencil alone.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact the Office of the Dean at (937) 775-3133.

Read the briefing about the Wright Nurse Project shared at the Ohio Nurses Day at the Statehouse, March 5, 2014