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Program Description

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Program Director: Jeanie M. Bochenek, RN, MS, NCSN

Wright State University-Miami Valley College of Nursing and Health recognizes the importance of health in the entire school community including children, staff, parents, and families. The program at Wright State University was developed to meet the needs of registered nurses to be licensed as school nurses in addition to those wanting to assume a leadership role in the profession through a Master of Science degree in Nursing with a concentration in School Nursing. Visit the National Association of School Nurses website or the Ohio Association of School Nurses website for more information about School Nursing.

The Master of Science Degree in Nursing with a concentration in School Nursing is a 42 graduate credit hour program, including classroom and clinical experiences. The curriculum includes core courses, which build a foundation for master's level nursing practice, and specialty courses. Nurses who complete the M.S. program will meet the requirements for Ohio's school nurse licensure. Applications are accepted on a year round basis. Once accepted into the program, students will meet with their Associate Director for approval at the start of their program of study.

Standards for professional licensure of personnel in schools currently lean toward preparation at the master's degree. In order to be an equal member of the educational team, it is important to be prepared with similar credentials.



To be eligible to apply to this graduate nursing program, applicants must meet the following criteria:


Be a bachelor prepared nurse, having earned a BSN in nursing from an NLN or CCNE accredited institution with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale for your baccalaureate degree and any subsequent graduate work


Be a Registered Nurse with an unencumbered license, having a minimum of one year full-time experience as an RN


Complete a basic physical assessment course or equivalent within the last 10 years


Apply to Wright State Graduate School.

The application to the Graduate School must contain:

  • Official transcripts from all colleges attended
  • Completion of a professional statement:  The professional statement is a narrative discussion of the following:  (limit: five type-written pages)
    • professional experience including past scholarly activities
    • future career trajectory including future scholarly endeavors
    • statement of goals including rationale for wanting to enter the school nurse concentration at WSU-CONH
    • description of how this program will help your career trajectory

Submit an Application for the College of Nursing and Health School Nurse concentration

The application to the College of Nursing and Health must contain:

  • Resume
  • An essay about a meaningful clinical situation which helped you clarify your goals and desire to become an advanced practice nurse (maximum of two pages)
  • Copy of current CPR certification

Provide evidence of no criminal history record on file from both a Federal Bureau of Investigation and an Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (or applicable state) for background check. Please be aware that background checks may take up to 30 days to process.  It is in your benefit to complete the background check one month prior to the College of Nursing and Health application deadline. Background checks can be done in the Educational Resource Center at 116 Allyn Hall. The results must be sent to Sue Bevan, College of Nursing and Health, 160 UH, Wright State University, 3640 Col. Glenn Hwy, Dayton, OH 45435.

Applications are reviewed and admitted on a rolling basis.

Keep in mind that it takes 2-6 weeks to process an application in the Graduate School. A personal interview with the program director will be required after review of submitted documents is completed.

Download the Graduate Financial Aid Application


All students are required to complete a statistics course prior to NUR 7005: Nursing Research and Evidence for Practice course.  Students will begin graduate school only summer or fall term.  Individualized plans, including part-time, will be developed on admission by the associate director of the concentration.  Please see the following sample curriculum plan for a full-time student.

Year 1

  • NUR 6901 School Nursing - 4 credit hours
  • NUR 6902 Children with Spec Needs - 2 credit hours
Fall Semester
  • NUR 7004 Theory - 3 credit hours
  • NUR 7102 Adv Patho Across the Lifespan - 3 credit hours
  • NUR 7124 Adv Hlth Assess Child - 3 credit hours
Spring Semester

Year 2

Fall Semester
Spring Semester

Course Descriptions

NUR 6901

Course Title: School Nursing
Credit Hours: 4 credit hours
Catalog Description: Roles and responsibilities of school nurses. Care of children in schools. Art, principles and strategies of promoting health in schools. Emphasis on preparation to assume role of school nurse

NUR 6902

Course Title: Children with Special Needs
Credit Hours: 2 credit hours
Catalog Description: Roles and responsibilities of the nurse in caring for children with special needs in the school setting.

NUR 7001

Course Title: Role Development and Leadership
Credit Hours: 2 credit hours
Catalog Description: This course focuses on understanding and synthesizing concepts and theories that will facilitate professional role development and leadership in advanced nursing roles.

NUR 7002

Course Title: Information Technology in Health Care
Credit Hours: 2 credit hours
Catalog Description: This course focuses on the theoretical basis of nursing and health care informatics. The model of data, information and knowledge is used to explore the basis of nursing informatics within health care. Strategies are examined for dissemination, access, retrieval and evaluation of information for professionals and consumers of health care.

NUR 7003

Course Title: Health Policy, Politics & Issues
Credit Hours: 2 credit hours
Catalog Description: Critical analysis of public policies and issues affecting nursing and health care delivery. Encompasses economic, political, social, technological, ethical and legal influences on consumers and health care providers from a global perspective.

NUR 7004

Course Title: Theoretical Foundations for Nursing Practice
Credit Hours: 3 credit hours
Catalog Description: Analysis of nursing and other selected concepts, models, and theories as related to nursing practice, administration, and education in development and application of nursing science.

NUR 7005

Course Title: Nursing Research and Evidence for Practice
Credit Hours: 4 credit hours
Catalog Description: Critical analysis of the components, methodology, and state of the art of research for nursing to plan change for best practice.

NUR 7102

Course Title: Advanced Pathophysiology Across the Lifespan for Advanced Nursing Practice
Credit Hours: 3 credit hours
Catalog Description: An in-depth scientific knowledge base is explored relevant to selected pathophysiological states across the lifespan confronted by graduate nurses. This course provides a basis for the foundation of clinical decisions related to selected diagnostic tests and the initiation of therapeutic regimens. Pathophysiology is correlated to clinical diagnoses and management.

NUR 7105

Course Title: Population Health
Credit Hours: 3 credit hours
Catalog Description: This course synthesizes methods of population assessment and planning to construct population-appropriate interventions for health care delivery systems. The focus is on safe, quality, and culturally-appropriate advanced nurse practice activities to meet emerging world needs.

NUR 7106

Course Title:  Advanced Family Nursing
Credit Hours: 2 credit hours
Catalog Description: Family science and nursing theories are used as frameworks to assess and analyze family functioning including health promotion and risk identification of families experiencing health issues.  Therapeutic interventions are discussed including multi disciplinary approaches.

NUR 7123

Course Title: Pediatric Pharmacology
Credit Hours: 3 credit hours
Catalog Description: Focuses on the prescriptive knowledge of pharmacologic agents used in the treatment of common pediatric health care problems and stable chronic disease states of children. Emphasis will be placed on indications, mechanisms of action, drug interactions, side effects and parent and child

NUR 7124

Course Title: Advanced Health Assessment of Children and Adolscents
Credit Hours: 3 credit hours
Catalog Description: Application of cognitive processes and psychomotor skills needed for comprehensive health assessment of children and adolescents.  Emphasis on health history, physical assessment of children and adolescents.  Various instruments will be incorporated to assess growth and development issues.

NUR 7901

Course Title: Advances in School Nursing
Credit Hours: 4 credit hours and 168 clinical hours
Catalog Description: Analysis of the role of the school nurse in community health assessment and diagnosis, interdisciplinary practice, and health promotion and disease prevention primary care in a culturally diverse evolving environment.

NUR 7903

Course Title: School Nurse Practicum
Credit Hours: 5 credit hours and 224 clinical hours
Catalog Description: Focus is on clinical application of relevant theories and research findings for health promotion, disease prevention, and health maintenance for children and adolescents in schools. Emphasis is on the development of a comprehensive school health program.  Seminars synthesize previous learning with application to the role of school nurse.  Clinical practicum required.

Contact Information

Program Contact:

Jeanie M. Bochenek, RN, MS, NCSN
Title: Associate Director
Phone: (937) 775-3195
Fax: (937) 775-4571

General Contact Information:

Wright State University
3640 Col. Glenn Highway
Graduate School
344 Student Union
Dayton, OH  45435
(937) 775-2976

Sue Bevan
Title: Administrative Specialist
Phone: (937) 775-3577
Fax: (937) 775-4571

Donna Miles Curry, PhD, RN, PCNS-BC
Title: Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
Phone: (937) 775-2653
Fax: (937) 775-4571

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