Zeta Phi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing

Welcome to the Zeta Phi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing. Zeta Phi Chapter was chartered at Wright State University in 1983. The purposes of the society are to:

  • Recognize superior achievement
  • Recognize the development of leadership qualities
  • Foster high professional standards
  • Encourage creative work
  • Strengthen commitment to the ideals and purposes of the profession

Download 2009/2011 Chapter Bylaws (PDF)






Region 9 Coordinator




Patricia O'Malley



President Elect

Marie Bashaw


Vice President/Program Chair

Cindra Holland



Carla Clasen



Teresa Thorpe


Faculty Counselors

Sherrill Smith

Ann Bowling



Governance Committee

Ann Bowling (faculty counselor)
Cynthia Bevan
Liz Pulley

Sherrill Smith



Leadership Succession

Jenna Bethel

Christine McManus



Beth Anderson


Awards and Scholarships







Chair - Pam Stephenson

Teresa Thorpe, Treas.  (ex officio)



Leadership Intern

Jenna Bethel

Christine McManus


Membership Involvement




Cherie Rebar



Cindra Holland



Gail Moddeman (chair)





Awards & Grants

Since scholarship is the focus of Sigma Theta Tau, the Zeta Phi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau has monies available to fund research and WSU CONH Honors Students’ projects. Funds up to $2000 are available for approved research projects, and up to $100 for Honors Students‘ projects.

In 2010, our chapter funded a study by Mary Beth Kaylor, PhD, RN and Ann Stalter, PhD, RN for $812. Their study addresses attitudes, skills, and knowledge attributes of Public Health Nurses.

Abstracts may be submitted at any time, however approval and funding will occur on: March 15, June 15, September 15, and December 15. Please submit requests to Gail Moddeman, PhD, RN at gail.moddeman@wright.edu

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plans for 2010 to 2012

Strategic Area:  Leadership.  Leadership involves a social responsibility to use knowledge and collective expertise, resulting in nursing actions that transform the health of communities and environments.  Transformation involves influencing the choices individuals and groups make for lasting, positive change.

Zeta Phi’s Goals

Actions Needed to Reach Goal

Who is Responsible?

Who Can Help?


What will be different as a result of achieving this goal? (Measurement)

1. Implement a formal, ongoing leadership intern or mentorship program

Develop a formal procedure for recruiting and selecting interns.

Develop formal guidelines for mentoring interns

Current intern, Cheryl Aubin, to develop procedure and guidelines

Membership chair?
Leadership Succession Chair?

Current mentor, Gail Moddeman


Members of the Board of Directors

Draft of procedure and guidelines by August 23, 2010

Select intern(s) for 2010/2011 by September 1, 2010

At least one Zeta Phi member will serve as an intern each year

2.  Members participate in STTI or non-STTI leadership development programs at the local , state, or International level

Identify available leadership development programs.  Examples include but are not limited to the Leadership Institute, STTI Webinars,  and the Biennial Convention

Communicate details of the programs to the membership


Provide financial assistance for Board Members and new members to attend

All Board Members




Board members communicate details through email and newsletter

Finance committee



All members of Zeta Phi




Communications director

Initiate 2010/211 academic year




At least 3 times a year

At least 5 members will participate in a leadership development program each year

3.  Members provide leadership to STTI beyond the local chapter

Continue to collaborate with Southern Ohio Northern Kentucky (SONK) chapters to provide an annual program

Members serve as committee members or chairpersons at the regional or International level

VP/Program Chair



Region 9 Coordinator

Program Committee

Members of the Board


Donna Miles Curry




2009/2011 Biennium

One  joint program annually through collaboration with SONK


4.  Provide financial support for potential leaders to attend STTI leadership activities

Develop guidelines for selection of individuals to receive support

Develop guidelines for determining the amount of financial support



Board members

Board Members

Guidelines in place by Fall of 2010

Provision of financial support is ongoing

At least 2  members attend leadership activities with Zeta Phi sponsorship

5. Provide financial support for at least one new member (inducted within one year) to attend the Biennial Convention and/or the Research Congress

Establish selection criteria


Include money in the budget for a scholarship for registration and lodging

President and Members of the Board

Finance Committee

Ad Hoc Committee


Board members to approve

Fall 2011

At least one new member will attend the Biennial Convention or the Research Congress each year

6. Feature collaborative International research in at least one membership publication

Introduce the idea of collaborative International Research

Select a relevant published article, summarize results,  and highlight relevance to nursing

Update website link to STTI library

Consider a scholarship/award for International or collaborative research - criteria to be developed

Research Chair

Research intern

Research Committee

Research Committee

Communications Chair

Annually beginning Fall of 2010

At least one collaborative research article will be highlighted in a Zeta Phi publication each year

8. Participate in planning and implementing a nursing research conference biennially

Continue to be a participant in the Greater Dayton Area Nursing Research Conference

VP/Program Chair

Program Committee and Board Members

Planning is ongoing.  Next conference is Winter of 2011

One nursing conference in each biennium


Strategic Area:  Knowledge.  Knowledge is defined as that body of information gained from science and inquiry and research.  It is developed, disseminated and transferred through and from research to improve health for all.  Knowledge is evaluated using the best available evidence including: research findings; nursing expertise; and the values, preferences and experiences of the people served.  Knowledge is used to shape decisions and action, informing and being informed by professional nursing.

Zeta Phi’s Goals

Actions Needed to Reach Goal

Who is Responsible?

Who Can Help?


What will be different as a result of achieving this goal? (Measurement)

1.  Award research grants to members

Establish protocol for awarding research grants.

Publicize availability of grants.

Solicit applications for awards.

Research Chair and Research Committee

Area hospital CNEs

Nurse faculty at schools of nursing

Begin with new fiscal year, July 1, 2010

Research grant utilized by at least one member per year

2.  Develop Outreach Program to spread knowledge about Zeta Phi

Create Ad Hoc Outreach or Communication Committee to develop plan details

Board to create committee

Outreach/Communication committee to plan and implement details

Nurse faculty members of Zeta Phi

Hospital Nurse educators members of Zeta Phi

Zeta Phi Newsletter editor

Student nurses

July 2010 to September 2010 - establish committee

September 2010 to December 2010 - Develop outreach plan

Jan 2011 to June 2012 - Implement plan

Increase Zeta Phi Membership

At least 20 people will attend a Zeta Phi program that have not attended previously

3.  Support/encourage member presentations at Scientific Conferences (Biennial Convention, Research Congress, National/International Nurses Meeting; Interdisciplinary professional meetings.)

Create an e-mail or Process Form to share information related to presentations

Budget allocation for Scientific posters/ presentations

Board members

Newsletter editor


Finance committee


Members of Zeta Phi

Every six months

Minimum of 5 Zeta Phi members to present at a conference/meeting every year

4.  Provide scholarly programs for members and others in the community (at least 2 per year)

Establish a Planning Committee which will identify topics, speakers, venues, and publicize

Collaborate with community based group/organization for at least one program

Vice President/Program Chair

Research Subcommittee

Board Members

July 2010 - 2 programs

July 2011 - 2 programs

Offering of two scholarly programs per year that offer 8 CEUs


Strategic Area:  COMMUNITIES.  Communities are diverse networks of individuals and groups drawn together by commitment to common values and purposes.  Communities are created through relationships encompassing collaboration, cooperation, consensus building, alliance formation and partnerships.  These knowledge, learning and service communities will represent purposeful inclusiveness, have distinctive identities and come together in a fluid, transparent manner for the common goal of people’s health.

Zeta Phi’s Goal

Actions Needed to Reach Goal

Who is Responsible?

Who Can Help?


What will be different as a result of achieving this goal? (Measurement)

#1.  Build diverse communities that foster relationship-centered collaborative leadership connecting social and intellectual capital of Zeta Phi by Participation in
STTI communities.

Continue to collaborate with Southern Ohio Northern Kentucky (SONK) chapters to provide an annual program

Members serve as committee members or chairpersons at the regional or International level

VP/Program Chair



Region 9 Coordinator

Program Committee

Members of the Board


Donna Miles Curry

Ongoing – monthly planning meetings



2009/2011 Biennium

One  joint program annually through collaboration with SONK

#2.  Collaboration at the local level for health promotion and or prevention of illness projects with community partners.

Engage in one to two community projects or events.  Examples:
*Heart Walk
*Get up Montgomery County
* Celebrating Life and Health (Levin Family Foundation)

Philanthropy committee

All members.

Pilot for one year.

At least 15 members will participate as representatives of Zeta Phi in at least two community projects or events annually

#4.  Feature at least one global accomplishment of chapter and members in newsletter, web-page or e-communication.

Sponsor a member of a Mexican Chapter to attend International meetings.

Disseminate information on Zeta Phi Website and Facebook.


Any member


At least one global accomplishment will be disseminated through newsletter, web-page, and/or email

Strategic Area:  Service.  Service is the application of knowledge and leadership used to make a desirable difference for others.  Commitment to service involves collective accountability and securing public trust.  It is evidenced by action and the application of knowledge for social-ethical good.  Service requires the development of social and professional networks that respond to the public need.  Through the honor society's commitment to service and its professional networks, the vision and value of nursing will become more evident.

Zeta Phi’s Goals

Actions Needed to Reach Goal

Who is Responsible?

Who Can Help?


What will be different as a result of achieving this goal? (Measurement)

1.  Continue to collaborate with STTI and non-STTI groups to provide scholarly programs

Active Zeta Phi representation on planning and implementation committees for GDANR and SONK, hospitals, and Center for Nursing Excellence

Budget to support GDANR and SONK

VP/Program Chair



Treasurer and Finance Committee

Board Members and other members of Zeta Phi

SONK held in even years

GDANR held in odd years

Annual Holistic Nursing conference

At least one collaborative scholarly program held for the nursing community annually

2.  Provide philanthropy/support for a non-STTI project, Cameos of Caring

Contribute to student scholarship through advertising in Cameo Program.

Provide recognition to recipients of Cameo awards through presenting a rose to each recipient

Budget for Cameos of Caring







Treasurer and Finance Committee

Board members

July to November annually

Recognition of excellence in nursing practice

3.  Provide philanthropy/support for a non-STTI project, the Nursing Institute of West Central Ohio

Investigate how to partner with the Nursing Institute of West Central Ohio

Develop a plan for partnership

VP,  Philanthropy Chair,
Research Chair

Board Members

July 2010 through June 2011

Plan for partnership with NIWCO

4.  Provide philanthropy to non-STTI groups

Donation to Red Cross

Women's Wellness event

Recruit members to participate

New Philanthropy Committee
Treasurer and Finance Committee

Any member of STTI

Okay funds 1 to 2 months prior to the event

Zeta Phi will make at least two donations to non-STTI groups

5.  Provide expertise or consultation to the community

Members work at a health fair within scope of practice, i.e. RN or APN.
Examples: May Daze booth at WSU; BMIs; ETOH/drug awareness

Investigate how to support communities in distress

Philanthropy Committee




Ad hoc committee

STTI volunteers who have expertise in needed areas



VP/Program Chair and Zeta Phi Board

According to WSU calendar

Zeta Phi members will attend at least one health fair/event at host university

6.  Form relationships with nurses outside the USA and connect them with the STTI network and resources

Support member of STTI Chapter in Mexico to attend the Biennial Convention and/or the International Research Conference

Line in budget


Treasurer and Finance Committee

Zeta Phi Board

Annual grant from Zeta Phi Chapter

Zeta Phi chapter will donate once per year to sponsor Mexico chapter attendance at Biennial Convention

7.  Add new members

Increase public awareness of STTI @ WSU and offer KCMA RN to BSN students an opportunity to join Zeta Phi Chapter
Explore extending membership to other schools (KCMA, Cedarville)

Leadership Succession Committee

Zeta Phi Board

Fall and Spring Rush

Stimulate relationships between nurses and other learning institutions

Strategic Area:  Sustainability.  Sustainability is the cultivation, acquisition, stewardship and development of human and  fiscal assets that preserve the vision, values, and legacy of the honor society.  Sustainability supports all of the strategic directions.

Zeta Phi’s Goals

Actions Needed to Reach Goal

Who is Responsible?

Who Can Help?


What will be different as a result of achieving this goal? (Measurement)

1.  Increase renewal of inactive members from previous year by 5%

Contact inactive members from previous year by mail/email

Establish protocol for contacting members who do not renew within six months of their missed renewal date

Develop profile of members who don’t renew (new inductees, retirees, after a period of time?)

Membership Involvement Chair and Committee


Zeta Phi Board

Communications Chair

Membership committee

June 30 each year

Membership increased by at least 20 members/year

2.  Recruit eligible nurse leaders from area institutions

Market what STTI does and inform process for joining Zeta Phi Chapter of STTI

  • develop marketing plan
  • place info on web site
  • invite nurse leaders to induction and monthly meetings
  • Outline membership criteria and application on website


Task force

Zeta Phi Board members

Nursing leadership from area hospitals and health care organizations


Zeta Phi will induct at least one nurse leader every year

3.  Mentor new members, including transfer members

Develop new member packet

Provide a formal orientation program

Member assigned each meeting to greet and host new members, providing explanations as needed, and inviting new members to come to the next meeting

President and Board Members

Membership Involvement Committee

Active members of Zeta Phi

Assign previous month for Monthly Board meetings;
Annual Business Meeting; Induction; and Programs

A new Zeta Phi member (inducted or transferred in the previous year) will attend at least 3 board meetings in a year.

4.  Involve past chapter officers and retired members in chapter committees, offices, and programs

Newsletter survey asking level of interest in Zeta Phi

Personal contact

Leadership Succession Committee

Current board officers

Communications Committee

Annually in January and February

A higher number of seasoned members involved

5.  Recognize member volunteers

Recognition in programs, Zeta Phi Newsletter, Area Hospital Newsletters for education, endeavors, research, honors, etc.

President and Communications Chair

Communications Committee


Increase number of current and new members who are willing to serve Zeta Phi