Giving to the College

Investing in Individuals

Thank you for your interest in supporting the College of Nursing and Health! Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

The College of Nursing and Health is grateful for the support and commitment of its alumni, faculty and friends to ensuring quality education to the region's future and professional nurses. It is through your gracious efforts that the college is able to succeed in its community mission.

Because the competition for fundraising dollars increases each year, your gift to the College of Nursing and Health is very important. Below are just some of the many initiatives you can support at the College.

You can let the college decide where to apply your gift, or you can name a specific program, scholarship, or fund you wish to support.

For more information on giving, please contact Mr. Bill Bigham, Director of Development, at (937) 775-3694 or at


Dean's Nursing Initiative Fund

Rapid changes in nursing and health-care continually create new opportunities, which are not supported in the University's budget or by restricted gifts.

Through unrestricted giving, The College of Nursing and Health can meet pressing challenges for which no other funding is available. As future opportunities are impossible to predict, general unrestricted gifts provide the necessary flexibility to absorb and meet these opportunities as they arise.

Educational Technology

In order to provide compassionate skilled nursing care, today's nurse needs skills in the latest technology. Computers are used in every aspect of nursing, from patient assessment to treatment and documentation. But technology is changing so rapidly that the college can no longer rely on state funds to keep pace.

Now is the time to move the college's Learning and Resource Center to the next level of technological sophistication, particularly in the realm of virtual-reality simulation stations.

In addition, the college needs to expand its distance learning technology to reach the growing number of registered nurses whose distance from the main campus or work and family responsibilities keep them from attending conventional classes.

Faculty Support

Outstanding faculty is vital to the mission of the College of Nursing and Health.

Endowed professorships can attract eminent nurse educator/researchers in areas of great importance to the Miami Valley: maternal/child health, community health, pediatrics, geriatrics and nurse practitioner education. An endowment provides research assistance, allows equipment acquisitions, assists in manuscript preparation, and helps with any of the other requirements of an active scholar.

Similarly, a series of endowed lectureships would ensure that students, as well as nursing professionals throughout the Miami Valley, can stay abreast of new discoveries and information.


The College of Nursing & Health has the vision and programs to provide the Miami Valley with the nurses it needs but the cost of nursing education continues to increase.

Most nursing students borrow to meet their educational expenses and the college has one of the lowest scholarship dollar/student ratios for the university. In addition, the majority of scholarships are for full-time enrollment only, while one-third of the college's students attend on a part-time basis, particularly in master's programs, where students' concurrent nursing jobs often provide the primary support for their families.

The college also seeks to establish the first-ever fund to underwrite research projects by students at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Establishing a scholarship or fellowship can be a most rewarding way of giving. A named scholarship or fellowship may also be a simple and practical means of honoring or memorializing a friend, colleague or loved one. By combining your gracious support with the College of Nursing & Health's, we can help ease the financial burden of our nursing students for the future.

Visit the Guide to Giving webpage to learn more about giving options.