Center for Nursing Research


The mission of the Center for Nursing Research is to advance the science of nursing; build capacity in nursing scholarship and help produce the next generation of stewards of the discipline of nursing.

Accordingly, the core business of the Center can be characterized into four/five linked categories:

  1. Undertake, lead and participate in multi – interdisciplinary, collaborative research activity: Contemporary challenges and issues in health and health care seldom exist exclusively within the artificial man-made boundaries of academic or clinical disciplines. Almost inevitably, the major public health problems transcend and straddle the boundaries of individual disciplines. Logically then, understanding and addressing such problems and challenges requires a multi or interdisciplinary research effort. Furthermore, given that nursing is a practice-orientated discipline, research activity promoted and supported by the Center will often be undertaken in partnership with our clinical partners.
  2. Promote and support faculty scholastic development: …nursing science is young, and yet the limited extant literature indicates significant gaps in our capacity. Something here about the role of senior scholars is the preparation and development of the next generation. Accordingly, the CNR is concerned with individual faculty development, providing education and training – individualized and generic, formal external mentorship program whereby each junior tenure-track faculty identifies and works with an external mentor. Internal mentorship.
  3. Increase scholarly output from CONH, - dissemination, celebrate and market successes, internal research presentation series – open invitation to all WSU and clinical partners; individual strategic research programs,
  4. Infra structure – adoption of a strategic research plan that is congruent with the overall mission of the CONH and WSU;  creation of recognized research groups; Distinguished Lecturer Series – and maintain a repository of their presentations/CVs, formal agreements and collaborations with other national and internationally located universities (e.g. Coimbra)
  5. Resources  - writing for publication workshops, methods and methodology series, brown bags, works in progress session, critiquing and journal clubs, mock reviews and internal reviews of grant applications – papers in progress,  Funding opportunities databases – SPIN;   Funded research proposals database - NIH Reporter; preparing a grant proposal, month by month timeline for grant applications,

Recent Major Achievements

Jan 26, 2016
Sherrill Smith has been selected as the winner of the Nursing Education RIG - Advancement of Science Award to be presented at the 40th Annual Midwest Nursing Research Society Conference
Oct 16, 2015
Co-Investigators: Dr. Eric Hodgson, Smale Visualization Center, Miami University Oxford, Dr. Whittney Brady, Cincinnati Childrens Medical and Health Center, Dr Elaine Miller, University of Cincinnati, College of Nursing
Oct 16, 2015
In the summer of 2015, Dr. John Cutcliffe discovered that his work had been cited more than 4000 times.
Sep 1, 2015
Dr. Sherrill Smith received the 2015 National League for Nursing Donnelly-Corcoran Nursing Education Research Grant Award