Graceworks at Home Tours The Nursing Institute Living Laboratory

Health care delivery in the United States is changing by leaps and bounds due to the rising age of our population and the high cost of hospitalization.  Patients are being discharged to home much sooner after serious illnesses or complex surgical procedures.  The care of these persons falls to either the family, or in most cases, to home health agencies. 

One such agency right here in our region, Graceworks at Home has a head start in planning for this burgeoning care population.  Taking advantage of the close proximity of the Nursing Institute Living Laboratory, located on the campus of the Bethany Village retirement community in Centerville, seven health care professionals from this organization toured the facility to learn how education and training at the Laboratory can support their care delivery.

The Nursing Institute Living Laboratory operates in a replica of a farmhouse that existed on the 100-acre Bethany property when the retirement community was established in 1946. In this two-story house, twelve human patient simulators, that replicate nearly every function of the human body, are used to educate and train nursing students, nurses, and other health care professionals on the care of ill and recovering patients in the home.  The Lab is the perfect place for this learning, as it is a real home, with regular beds, narrow doorways and stairs.  2013 begins the fourth year of this unique educational venue provided by the Nursing Institute at Wright State University.

The Graceworks at Home visitors are all involved in various aspects of home care delivery – most with direct care.  Graceworks at Home, by the experts at Bethany Village, provides Medicare-certified health and therapy services for individuals in their homes in Bethany Village and the surrounding Dayton-area community. Personal care services are also available.

They were very interested to see how real life situations that they encounter every day could be replicated in this Lab.  The simulators have heart sounds, breath sounds, can have IVs running, tracheotomies, wounds of all kinds, and various tubes that a patient might have.  The home care nurse education is designed specifically for what the contracting agency is trying to achieve, making it highly effective and providing optimal results.

After the tour, the visitors shared their most pressing education and training needs.  Working more effectively with hospital discharge personnel was identified as a primary goal.

The Nursing Institute at Wright State University will now begin planning to meet this group’s immediate needs through customized goals and objectives.  Stay tuned!

Graceworks at Home and Bethany Village are owned and operated by Graceworks Lutheran Services, based in Centerville, Ohio.