June 2015

The summer semester is in full swing and students, faculty and staff are back to work. We had a great spring graduation ceremony with 2 DNP graduates, 76 graduate degrees awarded, 19 RN to BSN completions and 94 undergraduates finishing this spring.  Congratulations again to all, we are very proud of our Wright State University nursing graduates!

I want to take the time to announce our newest partnership with Premier Health.  On May 7th, 2015 an agreement was signed between Premier Health and Wright State University for the purpose of furthering the education of their nursing staff in our new online RN to BSN program.  The enhanced Premier Health tuition assistance program means that a full-time employee may be eligible for an enhanced tuition assistance from Premier and then a matching Wright State University scholarship.  Part-time employees are also eligible for enhanced tuition assistance but at a reduced rate of half of what full-time employees receive.  We are very excited about this new partnership and look forward to helping Premier nurses reach their educational goals.

The College of Nursing and Health is in the process of hiring graduate research assistants for summer and fall semesters.  We are very interested in hiring at least three research assistants to assist the faculty in their research--no experience necessary-- we will train you! Some things you might do in this role include data entry, literature searches, helping prepare poster presentations, and other research related activities.  The projects involve simulation, psychiatric mental health issues, and interprofessional education to name a few.  You earn a stipend and help with tuition. If you are interested in becoming a graduate assistant please contact Michelle Nkadi at the College of Nursing for more details. I also want to welcome our newest graduate assistant Melissa Meija who has started this semester and is working in the skills lab.  Melissa is a 2011 BSN Wright State graduate and she is beginning work on her graduate degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Calamityville.jpg

Next, I want to mention we have now had three classes go through the National Disaster Health Consortium’s program out at the National Disaster Medical Readiness facility, formerly called Calamityville. I’ve included a picture here so you can see the immersion experience in action! I’m happy to announce that on May 18th we had our third and largest class of 37 participants.  I want to thank Dan Kirkpatrick, Sherry Farra and Harriet Knowles for all of their hard work and dedication to this exciting program and look forward to continued success. We will be conducting and an additional fall course October 12th through the 16th.  If interested in attending please contact Harriet Knowles for additional information. You must be a licensed professional to attend.

I’m also excited to announce the College of Nursing and Health has been granted significant additional space in University Hall on the 3rd floor.  This new space will include faculty offices, a conference room and a central location to support the research enterprise.  Walls need to be painted, carpets cleaned and furniture ordered before we can move in but we have a tentative date of the week of June 15th for a move in.  One of the best benefits of this additional space will be as faculty and staff move into the new space on the 3rd floor it will open up space on the faculty side of the first floor and no member of the faculty will have to share an office as we rearrange office assignments.  Once everyone has moved to the 3rd floor, we will work on reassigning offices on the first floor. The goal will be to have everyone moved into their new spaces before fall semester.

Change is a constant part of our lives and the biggest change in terms of faculty recently is the retirement of Dr. Donna Miles Curry and Dan Kirkpatrick.  I want to thank Donna and Dan for their service to the College of Nursing and Health and the lasting impression that they have left on the students, faculty and staff.  It is going to be hard to imagine the College of Nursing and Health without them and they will be missed. Both have plans to return after their mandatory retirement period to contribute to the mission and vision of the college using their special skill sets.  Another change in the College of Nursing and Health is that our Business Manager Steve Johnson has taken an opportunity at the University of South Florida and will be leaving us On June 19th.  We will begin our search for a suitable replacement and we wish the best to Steve and his family on their new adventure.

As always I want to that the faculty, staff and students for making the College of Nursing and Health a great place to work and learn. 

Best wishes for a great summer!

Dean Mainous