May 1, 2015

The culmination of the semester is here, finals week!  All of the hard work of students, faculty and staff for the entire semester comes down to this week.  I couldn’t be happier watching our students move through the program, each one approaching graduation and beginning or advancing their careers.  I congratulate all of our graduates as they move from students to graduates.  I know your family, friends, and the faculty and staff are proud of your achievements here at Wright State University’s College of Nursing and Health. 

Convocation ceremony will be this Friday, May 1st at 3:00pm at the Nutter Center.  After the ceremony we will have a reception for graduates and family so please plan to attend and wish your classmates good luck and farewell to the faculty.  We look forward to a great afternoon and I’m anxious to see each on you as you finish this part of the journey and begin the next.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a conference in Las Vegas on the latest thinking and strategies for promoting civility in the academic and practice environments.  In all, a group of eight from the College of Nursing attended the conference.  In attendance was myself, Associate Provost Steve Berberich, Rosemary Eustace, Cindra Holland, Beverly Bias, Maura Boesch, Nicole Loy, and student Anthony Schwaiger.  We came home with great strategies on promoting civility and we will continue to work on creating a positive environment in the College of Nursing and Health.

I would like to take the time to congratulate our faculty and students who presented their research at the Midwest Nursing Research Society conference that was held April 16th through the 19th.  Representing Wright State University were faculty members Sherry Farra PhD, Sherrill Smith PhD, Deb Ulrich PhD, Tara Konicki PhD, and Yi-Hui Lee PhD.  Additionally the following five students presented their work representing the College of Nursing and Health: Lisa Jasin DNP, Camilla Brewer, Charlene Dusing, Eva Fried and Jennifer Wiedel.  Additionally, Charlene Dusing who is in the AC-PNP program she was awarded honorable mention in the Master's student competition.  Thank you all for representing the college so well at this event.

Lastly, I want to mention we have now had our second class go through the National Disaster Health Consortium’s program out at the National Disaster Medical Readiness facility, formerly called Calamityville.  The National Disaster Health Consortium is an interprofessional disaster training program developed and offered by the College of Nursing and Health with support from the National Center for Medical Readiness (NCMR). The innovative program provides critical training to a broad range of health care professionals and first responders to facilitate teamwork. We were fortunate to have the nursing leadership team of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital come and visit the class while in session on Friday to see the training exercises.  We were encouraged by their positive comments and hope to work with more institutions to offer this valuable training. The last training session this spring is scheduled for May 18th through the 22nd and an additional fall course October 12th through the 16th.

Finally, I need to report I have cancelled my trip to Nepal which was scheduled to occur the last two weeks of May. There is such sadness and suffering now in Kathmandu; I can’t even imagine the devastation and heartache. Please keep the Nepalese people in your thoughts and prayers. I still hope to develop an international service-learning course in Nepal for our nursing students that want to focus on the reduction of infant mortality and have an interest in global health.

Best wishes for a peaceful, relaxing summer!

Dean Mainous