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Zeta Phi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing

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Welcome to the Zeta Phi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing. Zeta Phi Chapter was chartered at Wright State University in 1983. The purposes of the society are to:

  • Recognize superior achievement
  • Recognize the development of leadership qualities
  • Foster high professional standards
  • Encourage creative work
  • Strengthen commitment to the ideals and purposes of the profession

Zeta Phi Chapter STTI Leadership Team




Region 9 Coordinator Patricia O'Malley
President Karen O'Connell
Past President Cindra Holland
Vice President    
Secretary Molly Mellon  
Treasurer Jenna Garvin  
Faculty Counselors Liz Pulley
Kenneth Schmidt
Governance Committee RaeAnne Fondriest
Stephanie Triplett
Yvonne Lusk
Leadership Succession Sherry Farra
Renee Smith
Tonya Smith
Awards and Scholarships    
Communications Renee Smith  
Finance Jenna Bethel
Stephanie Triplett
Leadership Intern Sarah Harrison  
Membership Involvement    
Newsletter Lisa Hartmann  
Program Karen O'Connell  
Research Sherrill Smith (chair)
Rosemary Eustace
Sherry Farra

Awards and Grants

Since scholarship is the focus of Sigma Theta Tau, the Zeta Phi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau has monies available to fund research and Wright State University College of Nursing and Health Honors Students’ projects. Funds up to $2000 are available for approved research projects, and up to $100 for Honors Students‘ projects.

In 2010, our chapter funded a study by Mary Beth Kaylor, Ph.D., RN and Ann Stalter, Ph.D., RN for $812. Their study addresses attitudes, skills, and knowledge attributes of Public Health Nurses.

Abstracts may be submitted at any time, however, approval and funding will occur on: March 15, June 15, September 15, and December 15. Please submit Zeta Phi EBP Funding request (PDF) to Sherrill Smith at


Officer Position Descriptions 

Qualifications for all positions include being an active member of the chapter and consent to serve in the position. Additional qualifications are required for some positions.



  • Act as the executive officer and administrator of all business of the chapter as stated in the bylaws. 
  • Serve as the chief representative of the chapter in inter-chapter activities. 
  • Ensure chapter participation in the biennial convention House of Delegates and other business brought forth before the House of Delegates during the term. 
  • Prepare a calendar and agenda for all Board of Directors and general membership meetings with assistance as needed from the secretary. 
  • Finalize the committee appointments recommended by the Board of Directors for all committees, advisory councils or task forces. 
  • Delegate responsibilities not otherwise handled by the chapter bylaws to the chapter officers or committees. 
  • Communicate the business, projects, and activities of the Board of Directors to the membership. 
  • Ensure at least one business meeting and at least two programs or events that support the purposes and goals of the honor society are held during each fiscal year. 
  • Arrange an orientation meeting, following the annual membership meeting, for all newly installed officers and committee chairs. The purpose is to facilitate the transfer of duties and responsibilities and to formulate the goals of the chapter for the coming year. 
  • Ensure all reports are submitted to headquarters in a timely manner. Reports include chapter annual report, verification of fees report (when applicable) and the chapter officer/committee chair report. 
  • Meet with the head of the nursing program at the beginning of the school year to get the chapter's meetings on the school's master calendar. 
  • Talk with the heads of major service agencies in the community and ask to get the chapter meeting dates on the agency's master calendars. 
  • Develop and maintain policies and procedures related to the position of president. Submit modifications or new policies and procedures to the board of directors for approval. 
  • Plan for officer transition. 



  • May succeed into the presidency at the end of a one- or two-year term of office. 
  • Communicate to the public the purposes of the society. 
  • Be chair of committees, as needed. 
  • Learn the chapter operations and facilitate the achievement of chapter goals and mission of Sigma Theta Tau International. 
  • Oversee the process of completing and submitting the Chapter Key Award application. 

Vice President 


  • Perform the duties of the president in the president's absence. 
  • Be chair of committees, as needed. 
  • Succeed into the office of president and serve until the next election in the event that the president vacates his/her office during the two-year term. 
  • Prepare an annual report to the chapter membership regarding the vice-president's responsibilities and activities. 
  • Oversee the planning of chapter programs ensuring that at least two programs or events that support the honor society's purposes and goals are held each year. 



  • Record and write the minutes for each Board of Directors and business meeting. 
  • Distribute minutes to all members of the Board of Directors. 
  • Keep an official record book of the minutes of all Board of Directors and business meetings to present to the succeeding secretary. 
  • Prepare an annual report to the chapter membership. 
  • Submit the list of new officers to headquarters within two weeks of officer elections and provide headquarters with updates as they occur. 
  • Order all stationery, forms and mailing labels for the chapter. 
  • Type and mail chapter correspondence. 
  • Send membership invitations to all elected candidates, in cooperation with the Governance Committee. 
  • Serve on committees as needed. 



  • Be custodian of the chapter funds. 
  • Prepare and present a current financial report to the board of directors at each meeting. 
  • Prepare and submit an annual budget to the board of directors with appropriate committee advisory council or task force. 
  • Prepare and submit the financial section of the chapter annual report. 
  • Work with an accountant on the biennial audit and submit a copy to headquarters. 
  • Obtain and complete necessary tax forms for the Internal Revenue Service (US chapters only). 
  • If the chapter is not using the online induction system, write checks needed for international induction fees and jewelry and honor cord orders. 
  • Manage the investment plan of the chapter with support from the board of directors. 
  • Develop and maintain fiscal policies and procedures in collaboration with the appropriate committee. Submit new policies or modifications of existing policies to the board of directors for approval. 

Faculty Counselor 

  • Qualifications: 
    • Be an active member of the chapter 
    • Consent to serve in the position 
    • Be on faculty at the institution of higher education for which the faculty counselor will represent 
  • Responsibilities: 
    • May serve as the chair of the Governance Committee. 
    • Lead the procedure for determining membership eligibility and inducting members. 
    • Develop strategies for publicizing and informing students and nursing leaders of membership eligibility criteria. May work in conjunction with the Membership Involvement Committee. 
    • Secure necessary data from the official records of students to determine eligibility status. Notify students of their eligibility status and send out the appropriate membership application materials. 



  • Oversee the filing and/or preservation of committee meeting minutes. 
  • Manage the collection and preservation of statistics, documents, individual contributions and other information of historical significance for the chapter. 
  • Oversee the process of developing and maintaining a written history of the chapter, which is annually reviewed and updated. 

Governance Committee Chair


  • Oversee chapter membership eligibility issues 
  • Lead the bylaws amendment process by considering, reviewing, editing and/or correlating amendments as suggested or appropriate 
  • Update the chapter’s bylaws to comply with changes made to the international bylaws by utilizing the chapter bylaws template created and updated by STTI headquarters (updated template is typically available in January of even-numbered years) 

Leadership Succession Chair


  • Develop members in organizational leadership roles across the span of their careers 
  • Mentor members to assume positions at all levels of the organization 
  • Oversee the selection of members who can provide the necessary leadership to achieve chapter goals and to meet the needs of members 
  • Manage the preparation, distribution and tallying of election ballots 
  • Notify all candidates (elected and non-elected) of the election results 
  • Note: Those serving on the Leadership Succession Committee are not permitted to be on the slate of candidates for officer or committee positions. 

Publicity/Newsletter Chair


  • Oversee the development and implementation of promotional strategies to maintain chapter visibility within the community. 
  • Manage the development process and publishing of the chapter newsletter. 
  • Submit content online for the monthly Create the Future e-newsletter that is distributed by headquarters. 
  • Oversee the publication of all program, conference and chapter activity announcements. 
  • Manage the development of content for chapter displays at special events. 
  • Assist in content creation and revisions for the chapter website. 

Research Chair 


  • Oversee the process of developing, reviewing and revising criteria for research awards and the funding of research grants. 
  • Manage the process for reviewing and evaluating abstracts for research awards and proposals for research grants. 
  • Oversee the planning of any chapter research conferences or research day activities. 
  • Manage the development of strategies for promoting the conduct of research and for the dissemination and utilization of research findings. 
  • Recruit candidates for research awards - locally and internationally. Assist them with the application process. 
  • Note: Those serving as the Research Chair, on the Research Committee or as any other chapter officer or chair are not eligible for research funding while in any appointed or elected positions. 

Membership Involvement Chair 


  • Oversee the promotion of membership renewal and membership involvement. 
  • Manage the process of involving members in chapter committee membership. 
  • Oversee the development and maintenance of a new member mentoring program. 
  • Plan and implement an orientation for new inductees and multiple and transfer members. 
  • Inform membership about Volunteer Interest Profile (VIProfile) and encourage members to submit profiles. 

Awards Chair 


  • Oversee the process of developing, reviewing, revising criteria and funding for recognition awards and scholarships. 
  • Manage the process for reviewing and judging award and scholarship applications. 
  • Recruit candidates for awards and scholarships - locally, regionally and internationally. Assist with the application process. 
  • Ensure that all applicants are notified of judging results, selected or not selected. Inform award and scholarship recipients of the manner in which they will receive their award or scholarship. 
  • Coordinate preparation of entries for any regional or international awards in which the chapter wishes to make an application. 
  • Encourage chapter members to apply for international awards. 

Note: Those serving as the Awards Chair, on the Awards Committee or as any other chapter officer or chair are not eligible for scholarships or other monetary awards while in any appointed or elected positions.

Philanthropy Chair (optional committee) 


  • Collaborate with the appropriate committee to evaluate chapter income sources, and determine financial needs above and beyond the collection of member fees. 
  • Oversee the development of strategies for funding specific chapter projects as determined by the board of directors. 
  • Manage the implementation of projects and events that increase funds as well as the visibility of the chapter. 
  • Manage the philanthropy events and ensure that an effective publicity program is in place, through collaboration with the appropriate committee. 
  • Coordinate the donation of goods or services, if necessary, for the event. 
  • Solicit the general membership for participation in hosting the event. 
  • Participate in the philanthropy programs, activities and events along with members of the appropriate committee. 
  • After completion of the event, oversee the evaluation of the event in terms of the number of participants, amount of money raised, etc. 

Finance Chair 

  • Qualifications: 
    • Be an active member of the chapter 
    • Consent to serve in the position 
    • Shall not be treasurer of the chapter
  • Responsibilities: 
    • Oversees the monitoring of the chapter's financial procedures and status. 
    • Manages the preparation of an annual budget and submits the proposed budget to the chapter board of directors. 
    • Oversees the monitoring of the chapter's budget performance on a regular basis, and analyzes variances in expense and revenue from expected performance. 
    • Reviews chapter investment policy on an annual basis and recommends desired changes in policy and procedure. 
    • Ensures committee participation in the selection of an auditor, reviews the audit report and recommends any corrective action required. 
    • At the discretion of the board of directors, may oversee the committee's function as an internal audit committee. 
    • When needed, ensures direct assistance to the chapter treasurer in financial management functions. 

Compiled with the assistance of the Beta Iota Chapter