Dr. Sherry Farra Receives Major AHRQ Grant to Study Effects of Effects of Virtual Reality Simulation on Worker Emergency Evacuation of Neonates

Principle Investigator: Sherry Farra

Co-Investigators:  Dr. Eric Hodgson, Smale Visualization Center, Miami University Oxford, Dr. Whittney Brady, Cincinnati Childrens Medical and Health Center, Dr Elaine Miller, University of Cincinnati, College of Nursing

Yearly Amount (3 years) of the grant award:
2014                  2015          2016 (not awarded yet)
$246,957          $243,555     $242,330

09/30/2014- 09/29/2015
AHRQ  1 R18 HS023149-01 “Effects of Virtual Reality Simulation on Worker Emergency Evacuation of Neonates”. Funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Primary Investigator:  Sherry Farra

$246,957, 243,555
(first two of three years)

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to examine differences in learning outcomes among healthcare workers who undergo VRS emergency evacuation training of NICU to those who receive web-based alone. Learning outcomes include a) knowledge gained and retention post VRS compared with traditional learning techniques, b) confidence with evacuation procedures involving infants, and c) psychomotor learning based upon performance in a live evacuation drill. Healthcare worker experiences with VRS will also be explored quantitatively and qualitatively to determine immersiveness, reality, and ability to navigate scenarios.