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Prelicensure Program

Nursing students must complete the following requirements. Please note that some requirements are to be done at admission and some are to be annually while in the nursing program. It is the student’s responsibility to complete all requirements and download documents into their individual compliance account, known as CastleBranch.

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Graduate Program

Graduate students are required to meet compliance when preparing for the first graduate clinical experience.  If you are performing clinical hours in your current place of employment, the Medical Compliance-Employment must be completed and submitted to the Graduate Clinical Placement Coordinator.  You will receive information, closer to the time you will be performing your hours. 

If you are performing your clinical hours in a site that is not your place of employment, the student must meet clinical requirements as listed below:


RN-BSN Program

Students admitted into the RN-BSN program will receive access to the Pilot course "Information Exchange". Please read the information on the exchange to meet all course requirements.

If you are doing your Cap Stone Project for NUR 4890 in your current place of emploment, please complete the Medical Compliance-Employment waiver form.

If you are doing your Cap Stone Project for NUR 4890 outside of your current place of employment, please complete the following requirements: